Great Job! You’ve finally followed up on that promise to yourself back in high school class to one day make a classic car your own.

Now that you’ve got the car in a garage, what’s next?

Well, there’s the mechanical part, needed to get it running again (that is, if it doesn’t already).

Then add the time and money needed to restore the interior to its original showroom quality.

It’s typically at this point that most people find their restoration budgets starting to look thin.

Your dwindling dollars may have you thinking that you should stop short of doing a full auto interior restoration. Yet are you really going to be happy driving around in a ride that, while beautiful on the outside, has an interior that’s held together with duct tape and zip ties?

What if you’re looking to sell the car? Will any buyer give you top dollar in such a state? Definitely not! That’s why the thought of not seeing your restoration through to the end should never cross your mind.

Bench Seat & Headliner restoration for the guys at Retro Designs

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