Auto interior upholstery

Custom Leather Auto Interiors

Introduction: Introducing our latest triumph: the Chevy Bel Air with bespoke upholstery. A testament to timeless elegance, this classic car boasts an old-school roll-and-tuck interior that exudes sophistication and charm.

Seat Transformation: Step inside and experience luxury redefined. Our team has meticulously crafted the seats with pristine white leather, preserving the car’s original look while adding a touch of contemporary flair. The result? A seamless blend of vintage charm and modern refinement.

Interior Excellence: But we didn’t stop there. Custom-built door panels, expertly wrapped in matching leather, and a fresh new headliner complete transformation, ensuring every detail reflects our commitment to excellence. With a clean, OEM-inspired aesthetic, this Chevy Bel Air is ready to turn heads and steal hearts on the open road.

Ford Fairlane 1967 Hard Top Custom Interior