Custom Motorcycle Seats | Motorcycle Seat Repair

Dalas-auto Upholstery performs the padding of the seats on the bikes & motorcycles. Our Company implements individual projects of any complexity. For example, at the request of the customer on the seat you can make a logo embroidery motorcycle or another image, different leather, thread and stitch.

Quality assurance

For upholstery motorcycles seats we used natural leather, Alcantara, eco-leather. Our material, resistant to different climatic conditions and temperature changes. We offer only quality materials because of that the seat of your motorcycle will be staying in good condition for a very long time.

Cost of hauling

In our company upholstery seats of a motorcycle costs from 400$  Exact cost of work depends on a configuration of a saddle and existence of additional elements, such as an embroidery, contrast inserts, etc.


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