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Sending a HUGE thank you to Eddie Gordy Jr. for featuring Dalas-Auto Interiors in a profile about his redone Mazda truck. You really are an OG 😎. ... 

Dalas-auto is in Concord, North Carolina.
December 31, 2018 at 6:04 PM ·
Porsche Seats Repair – The Last Auto Upholstery Repair Project For Us in 2018.
See You All in 2019  😉 Happy New Year! Dalas-auto

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Great Job! You’ve finally followed up on that promise to yourself back in high school class to one day make a classic car your own.

Now that you’ve got the car in a garage, what’s next?

Well, there’s the mechanical part, needed to get it running again (that is, if it doesn’t already).

Then add the time and money needed to restore the interior to its original showroom quality.

It’s typically at this point that most people find their restoration budgets starting to look thin.

Your dwindling dollars may have you thinking that you should stop short of doing a full auto interior restoration. Yet are you really going to be happy driving around in a ride that, while beautiful on the outside, has an interior that’s held together with duct tape and zip ties?

What if you’re looking to sell the car? Will any buyer give you top dollar in such a state? Definitely not! That’s why the thought of not seeing your restoration through to the end should never cross your mind.

Bench Seat & Headliner restoration for the guys at Retro Designs

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Covers for Car seat!!!  How To Make The Interior Upholstery Of  The Car With Your Own Hands



The padding of the car seat deals with most aftermarket upholstery shop. And how many car owners want to try to sheathe the interior of the car with their hands… Because in this problem so much interesting! Any tuning project associated with the car interior trim requires partial or complete disassembly. This is not always an easy task-there are plenty of tricky fasteners in the car. But intuitively you can guess where it can hide under the trim of the car piston, bolt or screw. Car seats are bolted through the runners to the floor. In order to remove the seat with your hands, it is enough to Unscrew the four bolts and turn of plugs connectors.

01. We pulled the seat out of the car and put it on the table to make it easier to plan the location of the leather peace and Alcantara on the seat belt cover. workers marked with a marker signed each cover panel with the name of the material from which it will be cut.


02. In order to remove the cover from the seat frame need strong hands. In the places of division into peace (in the corners of the adjunction of the leathers panels) on the back and the seat cover is pulled to the pillow frames with steel rings. The design of the draw is different, but the polyurethane cushion in any case strongly springs and holds the cover.


03. The removed seat cover passes into the hands of the cutter workers, a specialist in the car interior trim of the car. Master cuts case on a separate peace is preparing to transfer to new materials.


04. For example, planned for upholstery seats detail of Alcantara laid out on the table and pressed against Alcantara weights. Fortified with a gel pen for the outline and for combining patchwork is marked with short notches on the perimeter. Alcantara, like the leather, is easily cut with tailor scissors.

There is one very important task in the process of cutting the details of the upholstery seat covers of the car from Alcantara. Alcantara is similar to microfiber and has a short pile. The pile pointing in the same direction. Guess that the direction of the pile must be taken into account in the cutting? An error in the direction of the pile will look like a difference in the color and details will be broke.

05. Upholstery seats and some other parts of the interior trim of the car cannot do without strengthening the leather and foam Alcantara on a fabric basis. Cut leather and Alcantara parts of seat covers are glued to the foam rubber (from the foam rubber, not fabric) with glue in a spray can. Foam and Leather should be glued together with a spray, should not be used for this operation brush – can own hands to ruin detail: glue goes deep into the pore and when squeezed glue the internal structure of the foam. Simply put, the foam will not return to its original position.

06. Glued to the foam cover panel for the upholstery seats cover are stitching together. When stitching, you need to carefully combine the marks on the edges of the parts

07. The next operation glue the seams on the back side of the covers. Question-what to glue to what? First, cut the strips of foam that remained near the lapels to clean the lapels of Alcantara and leather for gluing. Then, dilute the lapels of the skin and Alcantara to the sides and press them to the foam. An important point in the interior trim of the car-beating seams Alcantara and leather foam. The stitches are covered with a hammer.

08. Now the flaps are stitching together by double stitching threads. The free edge with the string line does not cut under the foam this will not be noticeable. You can trim the edges with your hands on the edge of the cover details.

09. Ready cover turns out on the front side and straightens. Pull and secure the cover on the seat frame is not an easy job. Especially the back cover-it has a closed shape and has to work in cramped conditions.

seat upholstrery

10. Cover seats also has its own problems. First, the cover is laid out on the seat cushion, and then it needs to be fixed to the frame. Plastic clamps are used to attract the seat cover in the middle. The clamps are passed through the airbag cushion, the holes are the same as in the native structure. On the cover of the clamp clings to the spoke, sheathed with fabric and sewn to the cover from the inside. The edges of the cover are stretched on the seat frame along the contour. The back is sewn to the dative case by a plastic clip (fight back from their seats), the sides and front for cutting through the seat frame.

seat covers

11. The car interior trim always ends with drying and steaming of the rap parts. Seat covers are heated by a jet of hot air from the hair dryer – the leather, drying up, stretched like a drum. All seats steam through the cloth. After these procedures, the seat leathers become absolutely smooth, as if made of solid material. I think these operations can be done by everyone with their own hands.

seat covers

12. Yes, steaming is not all! Car seat upholstrey of the car after the upholstery have to be cleaned. Especially the leather and Alcantara bright colors. Our seats were fingerprints, glue spots, Special detergent the master washes the traces of upholstery seats. By the way, the leather and Alcantara perfectly cleaned, even from heavy pollution.

seat covers

13. The seats are fully assembled prior to installation in the vehicle. False panels, boxes, lids, levers are screwed, snap and cling to the seat frames. The interior trim of the vehicle, namely padding of the seat ends.


Would you like to show your class and uniqueness? Wish to repair your classic ride and enjoy the drive in a brand new, comfortable interior? Thinking about selling your vehicle and would like to raise the value? Wish to fix damaged auto interior thus cause your car to look new once more?

At, Dallas Auto Upholstery we would be honored to help you achieve your individual wishes and visions. Be it, new interior for your car, custom seat for a motorcycle or boat.

Desire to be unique and ability to stand out is the starting point for all projects at Dallas Auto Upholstery. We believe that your auto interior, motorcycle seat and boat cushions must match your uniqueness. Allowing you and your vehicle to stand out from the rest of the crowd with standard interiors.

At, Dallas Auto Upholstery you are guaranteed to receive our full attention to all your ideas, details and creativity.

Our team will work with you through the entire process in order to help you realize your visions and implement all your design ideas. Be it new headliner for your car, custom leather seat covers for a boat or brand new custom motorcycle seat.

Here at Dallas Auto Upholstery, our team will help to bring your ideas to life through the artistry and expertise of our technicians as well as customer oriented service.

If you have any questions or we can be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be honored to serve you.


Established in 2009.

Years of professional experience, the state-of-the-art equipment and customer focused staff. Resulted in international, high class auto upholstery repair shops.

There is no other car, motorcycle or boat upholstery shop. That matches the current need for first class quality, timely performance and customer service.

We work hard to ensure that you spend less time waiting for your transport to be repaired and more time enjoying the ride. Be it a highway or lake.

In order to provide you with the best possible quality. We work with partners that supply premium quality leather and fabric for the automobile and marine upholstery.

At, Dalas Auto Upholstery your vehicle will receive leather, vinyl and fabric that offers a unique and timeless style. Which will give your car, motorcycle or boat a high degree of exclusivity and quality.

Conveniently located in Charlotte NC area (Concord, NC) we are only 20-30 minutes away from all major cities.


How to Reduce Road Noise in Your Vehicle | Reno Duster – auto interior noise insulation | soundproofing | automotive | car | sound deadener



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These days even very expensive cars can have sagging headliner. This 2005 Bentley GT was not an exception. The owner of this car came to us because his headliner was hanging right above his head. Which made him very frustrated while driving his 150,000$ car. Original headliner was made of black leather which is very heavy and was the reason to the loose headliner. Our suggestion to the owner of this beautiful Bentley was to mix black leather with a microfiber material (Alcantara). The sides and center panel were covered with black leather and the rest was covered with black Alcantara. The results are: Lighter headliner that will not get loose and the design that looks a lot more attractive than the manufactures.




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The company Dalas-auto offers services on re-profiling and upholstery of seats for motorcycles

Charlotte, North Carolina

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