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This is a 2018 Ford Fusion that had the brand new custom auto upholstery designed by our shop.

The owner (Mike) had his car coated using black vinyl wrap and some parts painted in red. The car looks very nice I must add! You can take a look at it in the pictures below. The downside is that the original Ford’s auto upholstery was made of light grey Alcantara fabric. As you can imagine, such color differences did not look very nice…

Not to mention that Mike is Black and Red colors type of guy 🙂 Anyway…

Mike wanted to fully upgrade his auto upholstery and make exterior flow seamlessly into the interior. At the same time, he wanted to keep everything bold, modern and sporty! That is when he came to our shop in Concord, NC.

We have decided to use premium grade synthetic black leather and genuine perforated Alcantara. All that got stitched together using high-quality red threads in order to match the exterior of his car.

We have created brand new seat covers, re-did the door panels and re-wrapped the steering wheel.

We were very excited to present the finished project to Mike and thrilled to hear that he is very pleased with the way his car turned out!

If you would like to have a custom auto upholstery or perhaps you just need minor upholstery repair. Feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your vehicle.

It would be our honor to serve you and we are looking forward to working on your project!

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